Sunday, January 28, 2007

What to watch.......KISS EPG

For the last year and a half I've been the proud owner of the ultra-cool (nevermind the bugs) KISS DP-558 harddisk recorder.
The really cool thing about the dp-558 is it's ability to go online and retrieve program guides, so you easily can see what's on the telly, and ask it to record it. It's even possible to schedule it to always record your favourite show every time it's on. If you download 3rd party software for the kiss it's also possible to use it as a webserver/ftp-server and much much more. All in all a cool product in spite of it's flaws.
But after KISS technology got aquired by Linksys it has really been going downhill. Recently they changed the provider of the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to a service called TVTV. This new implementation is so filled with bugs and problems that I'm surprised it passed through their QA dept.

Check out this part of today's program guide for instance. I do admit that typically the DR2 channes has a lot of reruns....but comon 5 reruns of the same movie at the same time?! Well..not to worry. If I get frustrated watching all 5 movies at the same time, I can always switch to KAN4 or TV3 that apperantly doesn't broadcast today after all...Oh how I look forward to the tranquility of a black screen :-)

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Ronny said...

Even though old story, the TVTV has less channels but you can still use Tinystocks which is the old epg version maintained by . That people should not mind the bugs is quite a statement as it limits your ability to enjoy the players severely and 30% of the devices break down in the first year.

Further, it has not been going downhill since Linksys is the boss, they reinstated RMA Pick up and return as support which KISS had dropped because of the high amount of failures (costs money).
Press realease KiSS by Hi-Jack (22 - 05 - 2007)