Wednesday, January 24, 2007

MondoSearch for Sitecore (part 1)

As my previous post today might indicate I've been spending my time setting up a public demo-server for the MondoSearch-Sitecore integration.

Even though I was project-manager on the integration project, I must admit that I'm a once again a bit surprised (read: proud) how smooth and easy the integration works once both Sitecore and MondoSearch is installed and working.

It just takes a few steps like installing a package in Sitecore, adjusting web.config, and doing a little customization in your Sitecore website for neatness.
It's a pretty full integration, integration both Search, Crawler Administration, Search BehaviorTracking and Marketing tools for optimizing search within the Sitecore admin UI.

I just need to tweak a few more details to make the website really fit for public display - and as soon as that's done I'll post a lot of screenshots here about it.

For now you will have to settle with this screenshot of the MondoSearch Crawler Control as a Sitecore XAML application.

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