Sunday, February 14, 2010

Awesome nostalgia trip!

Do you remember the good old Sierra Quest games? Well – I do. I loved those games. Especially police quest I->IV which could run on my dad’s old PC. I’d play them again and again during the late 80’ies / early 90’ies and to this day I hold them responsible for me learning english (although my english teacher in primary school did give it a nice try as well). Of course, Space Quest, Kings Quest and the immortal Leisure Suit Larry were classics I played as well.

Anyway, yesterday sitting in Philadelphia airport waiting for my flight back to civilization (Chicago) made me think: If only someone would port those old abandon-ware classics so I could run them on my iPhone. And guess what – Martin Kool has. And not just to the iPhone – they have been converted to javascript and can run on pretty much any modern browser. And now they even have multiplayer mode.

Check out the great web site here – but be prepared that it will take you hours before you can once again escape from nostalgia land.

Martin: I’m a great fan of your work. Keep it up – can’t wait to see more classics out there.