Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fun with card games

I just published one of my holiday pet projects on Codeplex. It's a very basic framework for building your own card games in .net.

With time, I'll also publish some sample projects, and hopefully even expand the project to include some basic AI logic as well.

Check it out:

Even though it's still missing a lot of parts, I've already begun to use it for 2 other pet projects. One is a code competition I plan to put out soon - just looking for price-sponsors now, the other is a web-edition of the classic 500-Rummy card game, a game that I really enjoyed growing up - and still play when I'm vacationing with my family. Card games are an excellent form of entertainment - and remember, there's more than poker and blackjack to life.

Drop me a line - or leave a comment, if you want to contribute to the project, sponsor a price for the upcoming code-competition or just have an opinion to share :-)

WikiX - a Wiki for EPiServer CMS

Just before Christmas I was part of a team that launched WikiX an Open Source Wiki for EPiServer CMS 5 R2. Even though it's still in beta, it is actually really nice with a lot of cool features. WikiX is based on some of the thoughts and ideas presented here:


See the announcement:

Try it live here:

Download it from Codeplex:

Connect4 in Flash

Inspired by Giorgio Sardo who used my old Connect4 code to demonstrate moving a c# game to Silverlight for Mobile (when will you put that code online, Giorgio?) in a PDC 2008 session, I decided to use the same code as the basis of a project I had to do for a flash course last year.

This time, I didn't migrate all of the code, but rather made the flash talk to a back-end c# web service that calculated computer moves.

I know it's still a bit buggy - but some of you out there might enjoy it. While making it I found what could seem like a bug in ActionScript 3 - making it quite difficult to drag and drop nested objects....But I might share more about that later.

Try the original plain html here.

Try the new flash version here.

Code and written project will be available later.