Sunday, January 4, 2009

Connect4 in Flash

Inspired by Giorgio Sardo who used my old Connect4 code to demonstrate moving a c# game to Silverlight for Mobile (when will you put that code online, Giorgio?) in a PDC 2008 session, I decided to use the same code as the basis of a project I had to do for a flash course last year.

This time, I didn't migrate all of the code, but rather made the flash talk to a back-end c# web service that calculated computer moves.

I know it's still a bit buggy - but some of you out there might enjoy it. While making it I found what could seem like a bug in ActionScript 3 - making it quite difficult to drag and drop nested objects....But I might share more about that later.

Try the original plain html here.

Try the new flash version here.

Code and written project will be available later.

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