Saturday, January 6, 2007

Back to blogging

I have through several years thought about how cool it could be to start doing a technology blog since I spend most of my time exploring information technology anyway, and I've often been lurking and learning from other cool technology blogs like Alexeys Blog, Alex de Groot's blog, Mike Tech, Jespers Blog, Lars Nielsen's Blog, and many many more.

Eventually I started "my first blog" on Somehow it quickly turned into more of a personal announcements/ travel pictures place than a real technology blog - I guess the two worlds can be hard to combine.

Well anyway - here I go again....I truly hope that I'll find time to keep this blog running with lots of interesting tech stuff.....If you see anything thats usefull to you, please leave a comment so I'll know whether to continue writing this blog or give up.

Perhaps I should briefly introduce myself - geek-wise: I'm a senior software engineer with a company called Mondosoft, an ISV that focusses it's products around website search, intranet search, search behavior and information access in general. I've been there for 6 years and my interests within the company span pretty far. From designing new products, researching, coding UI's as well as stuff deeper in the core, project management and occassionally I get to travel around training partners in how they should deploy and use our excellent website search engine.
I'm really passionate in most aspects around information retrieval and good usability when it comes to search and I love to spend hours trying out ideas to new functionality or ways of improving usability.

The first couple of posts I plan to have follow this will be a couple of older projects I've done that I feel like showcasing.



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