Tuesday, July 17, 2007

NXT: My first 'bot

As I mentioned earlier I recently got a cool Lego MindStorms NXT to play with.
Now, with the help of Jesper, we managed to build the basic humanoid robot - and it's awesome!

I've coded it to do a few things:
  • Whenever the light is on, Mr. Bot will say "Goodmorning" and start walking.
  • When the light is turned off he'll say "Goodnight" and stop walking
  • When he's 12 cm from an obstacle he'll say "Please" (...move) and stop.
  • When he hears a noise (like somebody clapping their hands) he'll look around to see whats going on
  • If he's hand-button is pushed he'll greet you with the words "Have a nice day".
Of course I also made a simple C# Win Forms application that can remote control him.
My initial idea was to build in some simple learning mechanism (perhaps reinforcement learning) but I havn't gotten around to that yet. So far I'm just blinded by all the possibilities :-)

As handsome as Mr. Bot is now, you better take a good look, cause now he's being taken apart. Jesper suggest a really funny use for the NXT - something that every household needs: So now I'm going to build a machine that can automatically color-sort M&M's - and perhaps send out maydays if Olga comes too close to the candy!


Alexey Rusakov said...

This is like.. way too cool!

Can it record video, so you can make a movie from robots eyes? :)

Alexey Rusakov said...

I think you need web remote control:

While one of you is at home, another can have robot walk around, say whatever you type in and, do cute things and report back :-)

Allan Thræn said...

Awesome ideas. It can't record video, but I'm considering mounting a webcam on it. Then I could make the web-remote and allow anyone to control it :-)

But the next project is definetly going to be the very useful M&M's color sorting machine.