Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Awesome Public/Free SVN Repository

Several months ago my friend and colleague Jesper (aka Graffen) got the idea to make a free public SVN hosting service.
I know, I know - several of those exist already, but this is awesome because it's so simplistic, easy to use - and without any rules about having to do OpenSource, etc. bothering you.
You just go to the website, create users and repositories and you are ready to go.
I've already started using it on a lot of my pet projects. It's so much nicer to have even your crazy-idea-personal-projects under source control. And Subversion (SVN) source control have been one of my favorites for a long time.
All you need to be running with SVN and this awesome service is just a SVN client and access.

Great job, Jesper!


Hoola Hoop said...

Hi! This is an awesome idea, but I'm just wondering about the security of the data I would be storing on there should I decide to use it. Can those who host the service get into the data/code that's stored?


Graffen said...

Perhaps I am the best to reply to this comment.

The way the system is set up now, I would have access to all repositories on the server. I guess an idea for a future release would be to store the repositories in some kind of encrypted store. But right now I'm just interfacing directly with SVN, meaning that everything is stored just as it would be if you created a repository on your own local machine. That said, I do have a life and have absolutely no interest in browsing through several hundred repositories to see if there's anything interesting there. I guess you'll just have to trust me the same way you trust your Email provider (who also has access to your mail box but probably has a life of his own ;-))


Anonymous said...

And that's it. The URL doesn't work 4 months later. I assume the original motivation is lost and graffen thought: "what the hell, I have a life...". :-P

I am happy I didn't host my project here...

KOTP said...

Hmm... May 28th, it was supposedly not up, though in July it is...