Friday, June 8, 2007

ShotCode - Let's reinvent barcodes!

About a year and a half ago I was amazed at some of the new java applications for cameraphones I saw at the NeXT conference, among others were a reinvention of barcodes where the idea was that if a special 2d barcode was put on a poster, everybody with a cameraphone could scan it and get someinformation contained in the barcode, typically an ID number which an online service could translate to a URL or something else meaningful.
Of course I hurried home, downloaded the software and tried, but it almost never worked as it should so I gave up.

Today I found another similar service that actually seems to work quite well. And on top of storing your urls in a smart looking circular barcode they even offer to convert the webpage to a format more suitable for the phone that requests it (admitted, that specific part of their service doesn't seem to work too well, but anyway).

I saw the service in use at - my favourity source for java apps for my nokia 6380 and there it worked quite impressive...Just start the shotcode application on the phone, take a picture of the barcode on the screen and begin downloading the java-application. Then I checked out and after a quick registration I found it quite easy to create my own shotcodes....Now I suppose I'll just sit back and wait until this becomes an industry standard so everybody has it on their phones!


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