Friday, June 15, 2007

Blog War: EPiServer vs Sitecore vs Reddot

Some months ago I came across (by Nielsen Buzzmetrics) which is a cool service that monitors how popular certain topics arein the Blog-sphere. Just for fun I ran this comparison between 3 of the major european CMS vendors: Sitecore, EPiServer and Reddot.
It would seem that all of the vendors have huge variations in their blog-popularity.

I also couldn't resist trying out battle-of-the-giants BlogPulse and this is what I came(Google vs. Microsoft vs. Apple) on the up with. It would seem that Google is in the lead Blog-wise, but both Microsoft and Apple are gaining (naturally you'd have to take into consideration that all blogs about the fruit that goes by the same name as a major soft/hardware company is also part of the graph).


Lars Nielsen said...

Hi Allan,

Also notice that it's possible to cheat these engines by adding your own post to a blog post pickup service. Every time you post a blog entry, it's added as well to the one or more pickup blogs. In reality you can many-double the "blog count" easily.

Allan Thræn said...

True, but if we assume that everybody "cheats" the same, it still gives a good indication of the amount of attention on each topic :-)