Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Warning: TortoiseSVN Rename

Now, here's a little lesson I just learned the hard (!) way... When you are using the "Rename" functionality on a folder in TortoiseSVN it doesn't do what you might expect, that is - rename the folder. No, in fact it deletes the f0lder and creates a new one with the contents thats commited to the Subversion repository. And it doesn't just do a "move-to-recycle-bin" kind of deletion, no it makes a "oh-no-daamn-sh*t-aaaargh" deletion of the entire folder along with any uncommitted files you might have in there (yes, even those added to subversion that hasn't been commited yet).
But on the bright side...I suppose this is the kind of mistake you only make once.

Now I'll go back to recreating my lost files from scratch :-(

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