Thursday, February 22, 2007

Off topic: A Murphy's day

Yesterday I really found out how Murphy must have felt when he formulated his law.
The day as such started out fine. I was planning to go to an afternoon meeting in Stockholm, flying there and back on the same day - nothing to it, I've done it often before.
The meeting was scheduled for 14:00 so my plane, scheduled to arrive at 12:35 in Arlanda should be fine. But then the problems started...

  1. First our plane was delayed for half an hour - no reason given. We rebooked our planned meeting in Stockholm to 16:00.
  2. At 13:oo we were informed that the flight was cancelled due to a container that had gotten stuck in the cargo room, leaving a dent in the plane. We were automatically rebooked to another plane, expected to leave 13:20.
  3. Apperently Copenhagen airports computer system has difficulty dealing with such a massive change - it broke down and delayed the boarding of the new plane quite a lot.
  4. At 14:00 The plane was boarded and ready to leave, but now a fine layer of snow had settled on the wings (it was a blizzard) and we needed to wait to be deiced.
  5. 14:20 deicing was completed, but we were now informed that only one runway was open to takeoffs and landings and we'd have to wait in line to take off
  6. 15:15 Take Off! however after take-off something felt kinda weird. It turned out that snow had gotten stuck in the door to the front landing gear and they couldn't close it. The purser announced that we probably had to land again. After a while they succeded in closing it though and we could speed up and head towards Stockholm Arlanda. At this time we had realized that there was no way we could make our meeting in Stockholm, but on the other hand we couldn't get off the plane.
  7. 16:30 we landed in Arlanda. Went immediatly to the transit center to get rebooked to the next flight home. After 50 min. waiting in line we got rebooked.
  8. Rebooked to plane that was scheduled to leave 16:30, but which was boarding at the time we were rebooked, at 17:20.
  9. At 17:40 the we were boarded at the plane home, but the Captain comes on the intercom to tell us that Copenhagen airport is shut down, and our current timeslot is in 2,5 hours. However to not loose that slot we have to stay in the plane ready to leave.
  10. Around 20:00 the plane take's off towards Copenhagen
  11. At 21:00 we're making our approach to CPH airport, when we're informed that they once again have shut down the only runway due to the blizzard. We have to circle around for another half hour.
  12. 21:35 On the ground. Unfortunatly is there still a computer breakdown in CPH so they havn't recorded our landing, meaning that they havn't sent any ground crew to the gate - so we have to wait for the door to be opened.
  13. 21:55 We're finally in the arrival area of the airport only to find a kilometer long line to the taxi's and no taxi's arriving (the blizzard has closed down the roads). Trains are delayed 1h+
  14. 22:35 I get on the first train bound for Copenhagen central station. This is usually a 10 min. train ride, but due to weather, missing train crew and problems with the train signals we're delayed. We spend quite a lot of time waiting just outside the central station without getting out.
  15. 00:35 We finally arrive at the central train station. However I soon realize there's no way to get home from there. All other trains and busses are cancelled, no taxi's to be seen and lots of other people stranded in the same situation. I finally decide to go the office and wait for better times
  16. 02:30 I finally manage to hijack a taxi (by pure luck) that dares to make it's way north. Half an hour later I get home (having to walk part of the way due to heavy snow).
Geez...I just hate days like that.


tbrams said...

Welcome on board as a business traveler.

Unfortunately this is not Murphys law - except for the meeting slip, this is pretty much how I spend most of my time on the road.

Anonymous said...

I know that sucks but if you were here in Sunny California that would not be the case my Friend:-)