Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Loaderlock hell!

I recently installed VSTS and I'm still trying to learn my way around it.
One thing I noticed when using it was that I kept getting a "Loaderlock" MDA (Managed Debugging Assistant) whenever I tried to run a piece of interop'in code in debug mode. This was getting quite annoying, and it didn't seem like there was any problem in the code - rather in Visual Studio.
Naturally I started googling the problem and I found several places saying that all I had to do was to go to the "Debug | Exceptions" and turn off Loaderlock for the Managed Debugging Assistants (true, there was also a ton of other advices, like modifying the registry or installing vs service packs, but none of them seemed to do the trick). Unfortunatly my visual studio does not have "Exceptions" in the debug menu - or so it would seem....
Luckily my friend Moshe came to the rescue and found out that even though there's no menu-item called "Exceptions" in the debug menu, the Customize dialog will proof that there's supposed to be. And when we investigate further we found the keyboard shortcut to open it: CTRL+ALT+E.
After using this shortcut I was finally able to turn off the MDA that was annoying me in the first place. I wonder what actually caused it...

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Anonymous said...

It is iTunes. :-)