Saturday, May 12, 2007

The joy of being unemployed!

Ahh..posting again... I know, it's been a while, but now I hope to be back again. Now I've been through the first month of unemployed life, and I must admit that it has been nothing like I had imagined. It's been crazy! No time for sitting in front of the local supermarket drinking 6-packs of beers all day (as I had been told unemployed people are supposed to do), no time for playing around with technologies and ideas (as I had hoped) and no time for blogging either...Well, perhaps it's just a bad excuse, but I've been really, really busy.
During the first couple of weeks I got contacted by 40+ companies that wanted to discuss job oppertunities! Early on I was really eager and polite and noted everybody down and did my best to keep track of them, but I must admit that after a couple of weeks I started to sort them roughly at the initial contact. For instance I turned down all consultancy companies, cause I don't feel like body-shopping. At least not now.
But even with thoroughly sorting it mounted to around 15 initial interviews I had to go to. This part is really terrific and quite an ego boost (currently my bloated ego has reached a size where it can hardly fit into living room), that can definetly be recommended. Each interview was around 1,5h - most of the time talking about one of my favourite subject, me. As you can imagine it took quite a lot of time to go through all these talks, and following up on them afterwards. Meanwhile I constantly kept track of all advantages and disadvantages to each job, and after a couple of weeks of initial interviews I had a list of 10 companies offering me 15 different jobs, ranging from software architect, product manager, senior developer to researcher.
Then it started getting tricky!
Cause all these jobs on my shortlist sounded really good and I could easily see myself enjoying each and every one of them. But only one can be picked. So I decided to measure companies on more criterias and narrowed down the list to 5 companies that I decided to have a second talk with.
Now I'm down to considering 3 companies, and of those I must admit I do have a favourite - but I'm not telling which - at least not until the contract is signed and everybody's happy!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck!
Will you take a short timeout before start working on new place? Just to have couple of days for sitting in front of the local supermarket drinking 6-packs of beers all day.

// Duk