Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fun with card games

I just published one of my holiday pet projects on Codeplex. It's a very basic framework for building your own card games in .net.

With time, I'll also publish some sample projects, and hopefully even expand the project to include some basic AI logic as well.

Check it out:

Even though it's still missing a lot of parts, I've already begun to use it for 2 other pet projects. One is a code competition I plan to put out soon - just looking for price-sponsors now, the other is a web-edition of the classic 500-Rummy card game, a game that I really enjoyed growing up - and still play when I'm vacationing with my family. Card games are an excellent form of entertainment - and remember, there's more than poker and blackjack to life.

Drop me a line - or leave a comment, if you want to contribute to the project, sponsor a price for the upcoming code-competition or just have an opinion to share :-)

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Johnatan said...

I was seeing your lib ... is really useful ... maybe you can give some good ideas about the project I'm going to start, it's a poker game ... I'm worry about concurrenvy or simultaneous connection, Maybe 100000 at a time. How is the better way the server application (who is the dealer and everything) is going to attend all those client connections, who at the same time need important information about the status of the game, turn, and more.
All tables and cards movements must be at the same time saved to a database ..., and must include chat too ...