Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Looking for New Adventures

It's been a wonderful easter, where I didn't get any of the programming projects done, that I had hoped I'd get done.
But no worries... My employement situation had an interesting shift today which means that I now will have a lot of free time to blog, program my personal pet projects and write a good CV.

This also means that in a while I might be tempted by interesting job-offers. Here's a short list of some of the things I'm looking for in a company:
  • Interesting work! This is by far the most important bullet. I love to do research and explore cutting edge technologies. But I might want to avoid those "maintain this old-fashioned asp based finance system" jobs.
  • Innovation, Innovation, Innovation! I have a lot of creativity and I want to use it. I want to be in a company that has room for my ideas, and that isn't so big that it's forgotten how to be innovative.
  • ISV. Independent software vendor sounds really good to me.. I don't feel like making those big consultancy bucks anyway. It's nice to work on a product suite where you have a lot of co-influence on the shape of the product, instead of a lot of small projects with angry customers barking at you all the time. But of course, if the right offer appears I might consider it anyway.
  • And of course: friendly colleagues, good atmosphere, right salary, benefits, education, etc. is also very(!) important.
Feel free to contact me with interesting offers.
I'll post a CV, when I have one ready (havn't used it for the last 6½ years, so it probably needs a small update).


Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

That was something new! Anyway, do your old mobile number and other contact information still remains?

How do we contact you?

Allan Thræn said...

My cell is the same as it has always been. Also, I can be reached at my personal email: allan (at) thraen (dot) dk