Friday, April 13, 2007

Just overwhelmed

Since Monday I've been practically flooded with interesting job offers. It's quite a wonderful situation to be in - to be able to pick and choose like this (and potentially to have 5 months with full pay to make a selection in). I've even considered using these next months to work on my own, blogging and building a second-life empire - or perhaps make my own little code-piece shop online?

It's overwhelming and a little bit scary. Whichever job I choose will probably be interesting and fun but it will also mean to not go down all the other interesting roads. I wish somebody had implemented Save & Load features in life, like in computer games. Imagine hitting a button, saving your state and then always being able to restore it later. That way all options could be carefully explored and enjoyed. Ah well. I haven't found that button yet, so I suppose I'll have to make a choice sooner or later. Until I do, more job offers are welcome.

I finished writing a CV (right now it's in Danish, English translation is on the way). See it here.

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