Sunday, June 8, 2008

Busy Times

A lot of people has been asking me what I'm up to lately - and complaining that my posts aren't as frequent as they used to...
I know it's been way too long since I blogged on this blog. It's not because I have nothing to blog about - in fact every day a new interesting blog-topic springs to mind and I begin writing it...But before I finish it, work or family-life or another idea interferes and break away my concentration.

I just got back last friday from Sweden where I had spend more than a week. First I went to a terrific(!) partner summit and after that I stayed to work at the office with the rest of the Research team. Unfortunately I learned the hard way that I should stay away from local food when traveling to exotic places like Stockholm, so that took a couple of workdays out of my calendar.

At the summit I presented a Wiki built on EPiServer - one of the projects that's been taking a bit of my time lately. Soon I'll do a dedicated post about it - and put it public somehow.
Meanwhile I'm also working on a ton of other stuff - like a new version of EPiDiff, Defining design patterns for EPiServer, LINQ, and a couple of gadgets that I'll reveale in the coming weeks.

Sunday I'm leaving DK again and once again heading for Ukraine, where I'll get to meet our new team in Kiev as well as some developers from a Partner in Kharkov.


tbrams said...

Welcome to the real world ;-)

Allan Thræn said...

Haha..Yup..Thanks, Torben. Nice to see I have a reader :-)

Captain stinky of the canadian goof battalion said...

Allan. What have you been up to lately?

Going to MKN and Pippy's 'who stole my Ipod?' beach party this weekend?