Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Another day another tool: XPath

Here's a small 5-minute tool I made the other day, simply because I needed it and it was faster to make it than finding a good one online that does what I want it to (although I'm sure hundreds of them exist).

It's a simple XPath tester, that can test an XPath against a piece of XML, or a URL pointing to XML.
It even attempts to do some simple syntax highlighting of the XML.

The tool is online at (In case you are wondering, is an old domain I currently use all my silly projects and for various other demo/lab purposes. It's actually a leftover from a webdesign company I had together with Jesper years ago).

The XPath tester can also be used for simply showing XML, and it accepts a couple of query-line parameters so you can send link to XML with applied XPaths like this.
The query-line parameters are: XML (raw xml for source) XMLURL (if you instead want to retrieve xml from a specific location) and finally XPATH (guess what thats for).


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